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When building a RyMark new construction home, you have the ability to customize almost everything in your home. You want a home that matches your lifestyle and mood. Color plays a huge part in that. Choosing the color of your walls, cabinets, flooring, and light fixtures all work together to create your perfect oasis. Find colors you like that complement each other and incorporate them into the finishes of your home. In this blog, we will highlight two color palettes making a splash this year!

A current trend we are seeing a lot of are deep and vibrant color tones. Think navy blues or deep charcoal grays. Most of these deep shades can be used as a neutral base in your interior with pops of color. But they are also perfect for statements walls, kitchens and home decor. A strong classic tones adds some excitement while retaining an element of modesty. We are not only seeing these bold tones being used in the interior of homes, but exterior, as well, with deep brick and siding colors, as mentioned in a previous blog post.

Another palette we are seeing trending is soothing and familiar shades, like green and brown tones, to make our home a comfortable haven. We love seeing earthy tones being brought into the home. An easy way to add this in your home is with your hardwood flooring, opt for a neutral, light colored stain to keep your home feeling open and spacious and pair with dark green colored cabinets for a warm, yet stylish look.

As you design your new home, take this inspiration to make it uniquely yours. Colors can create a specific style or mood and there are many ways to express it. When building, your Sales Representative can walk you through picking each selection. See our current homes for sale here. Happy building!

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