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The exterior of your home tells a story. It shows your personality and style before anyone steps inside of your home.

Dark color exteriors have been making a comeback. While many of us already see black trim colors in our neighborhoods, more homeowners are becoming comfortable with black as a siding color choice. Whether it’s deep shades of browns, greens, or charcoal grays, these darker tones are here for a bold, yet timeless look. Dark colors can be used to portray a modern farmhouse, contemporary, or classic exterior.

A manicured lawn and front yard landscaping matched with dark gray painted home can really create beautiful contrast. Layers of greenery and flowers give more depth, allowing for increased visual interest.

Don’t want to go TOO bold? Darker earthy tones and textures as accents can make for a more cozy feel. The warmth can give your home exterior a reassuring, grounded feel. See our Cash Custom 1 photos home for this alluring look.

With RyMark’s experienced designers, you will be in good hands to build a home that is truly, you. Click here to check out our gallery of recently built homes for the ultimate inspiration!

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