The home building process can at times be overwhelming. At RyMark Homes, we prides ourselves in streamlining the process and setting the tone of expectancies. We strive for more than satisfaction – our aim is always to surpass our clients wants and needs in what will be their new home for years to follow.


With a combined 45 years of experience constructing homes, RyMark has been at the forefront of creating some of the most well built homes in Rochester, Minnesota. All of which would not be possible without partnering along side premier vendors and subcontractors. Constant direct supervision is what ensures a well built home, along with meeting timelines, creates a project that finishes with all the expectations that go along with a custom RyMark home. Along with 45 years of experience from RyMark Homes, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated project manager assigned to your home ensuring that no question will ever go unanswered.


Each individual home design can be a lengthy and daunting task. RyMark is able to streamline that process because of the vast database of homes that RyMark has built over the years. Often times a prior home plan can be a starting point towards customizing a home to the clients function and lifestyle. RyMark sketches begin to evolve into what will eventually be your dream home. The benefits to having the builder actually design your preliminary home are unmatched. They are able to design a home around your budget, they know what is possible from a construction standpoint and are experts in knowing the city or township rules and regulations ensuring that every step of your home design has been thoroughly thought out from start to finish.


By providing the assistance of our interior designer to help facilitate the selection process, the amount of time that needs to be devoted to this step in the home building process can be greatly minimized. Our in house designer works hard for each of our clients to ensure that your personal touches and styles are incorporated into your brand new home. By receiving expert advice during the selection process, it will allow you as the home owner to feel confident that your selections indeed will look great and be a cohesive design for your dream home.


We at RyMark homes believe one of the determining factors of our success is how great a client feels about the process of construction and their final finished product . How confidant the clients are that we will continue to work with them ensuring their home continues to function and last for years to come, is always in the forefront of our process. With a dedicated professional designated solely to assisting our past clientele, we are able to ensure that any question or need will not go unanswered. A RyMark Welcome packet provided to each home owner at the time of closing provides phone numbers and contacts of non only our main office, but also every subcontractor that worked on their home, thus providing for ease of contacting us for many years to come.


At RyMark Homes we are committed to you before, during and after your new home is completed. Your 1, 2 and 10-year combined warranty includes coverage for one year on workmanship and materials, coverage for two years on the mechanical systems (the electrical, plumbing, as well heating and cooling), and coverage for 10 years on structural defects.