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Having a smart home is becoming more and more popular, affordable and easier to use – especially in new construction homes.  But what does having a smart home entail and what are the benefits of this technology? 

A smart home allows homeowners to control devices in their home remotely, using an iPhone/Android or a tablet through internet connection. Smart home technology provides homeowners with security, convenience and energy efficiency. ​

Security: Having an alarm system wired throughout your home can give you and your family comfort. Your alarm system can include video monitoring around the exterior of your home, smart doorbells and locks, motion detector lights, and automatic calls to the police if a break in is detected.  Homeowners can monitor their homes when they are away or on vacation.  Put your family at ease with one less worry.

Convenience: Since most smart home tech is app based, you can control any smart feature from your phone, wherever you are!  You don’t have to be home to answer the door, you can see AND speak to visitors through your phone.  You have the ability to grant or deny access remotely.

Energy Efficiency: Imagine always having the perfect temperature in your home without even touching your thermostat.  With smart thermostats and smart lights you can use energy more efficiently by automatically adjusting or switching off when there is no one in that part of the home.  This will help you use less power over all, reducing your monthly costs.

Setting up and maintaining a smart home can seem intimidating, but you can always start small. Customize your RyMark home with the tech you need to be most efficient. Talk to your builder representative to plan out what is most important to you… the possibilities are endless with smart homes!​

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