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One perk in building new construction with RyMark is the ability to customize all the details of your home. I’m not talking just about exterior paint colors or bathroom tiles. Storage is something people don’t think much about until they need it. Having poorly designed cabinetry and closets makes simple everyday tasks far more difficult than they should be. Being able to personalize your storage space to fit your lifestyle is truly underrated.

There are two main areas that are most important when it comes to storage and organization.

The first space is your kitchen. You use your kitchen multiple times a day for cooking, eating, and gathering. The kitchen is also likely a focal point of your downstairs living area. When you create a functional cabinet and pantry design, you can free up countertop space and have all your cooking appliances, utensils, and ingredients readily and easily accessible. Some things to think about when designing cabinet and pantry space are appliances you want to store out of sight, tall glasses (like wine glasses), where you will put your pots and pans, or a spice cabinet. The less clutter on your work surfaces, the better!

The second area is your closet! Again, a space you use every single day, multiple times a day. A well organized and customized closet can make getting ready in the morning a far more enjoyable experience. A mix between shelving, drawers and hanging space is a winning combo in any closet! Be mindful of seasonal items that you can store away to help declutter and make for more room.

Drawers are handy for jewelry, foldable clothes, and smaller pieces of clothing — while ample hanging space is a must for any formal wear, dresses, and suits.

The kitchen and closets can benefit greatly from customized cabinets and organizational features. It also gives you a calming feeling of having a clean and organized home!

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